BIGGEST Moments in Fishing History

BIGGEST Moments in Fishing History

December 14, 2018 0 By admin

And by ‘tube’, we mean TV, not especially YouTube. The year 1967 presented a huge moment in the history of competitive fishing … Because that’s when a fishing competition was televised for the first time, ever. The Bassmaster Classic was held in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and it promoted ethical angling and conservation, among other values. Today, the Bassmaster Classic and Bassmasters reels in a lot of viewers on ESPN, among other media platforms. And that actually does include YouTube.

#12 For the Halibut
An angler in Norway took an hour and a half to reel in a 9 foot (2.7 m) Atlantic halibut … one that was heavier than a wild gorilla! Weighing over 500 pounds (267 kg) the fish was too massive to haul aboard his small boat. Three friends helped Marco Liebenow (lee-ben-ow) tie a rope around the animal’s tail and tow it back to shore .. where a crane was needed to hoist it quayside (kee-side). At a weight of 513 pounds (233 kg), it smashed the previous record for biggest halibut fish caught using rod and line, as recognized by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association). Did you know that these fish are among the world’s largest bony fish … reaching lengths of some 15 feet (4.6 m) and weighing up to 700 pounds (318 kg)?

#11 A Bear of a Fish
On average, Grizzly Bears can weigh 600 pounds (272 kg) or more, depending on the region in which they’re found. Now, these animals are not native to Thailand. But there was a fish caught in the northern part of the country that weighed as much as a grizzly bear. This big critter is known as the Mekong (meh-kong) Giant Catfish. And it was giant indeed, weighing 646 pounds (293 kg) … and measuring almost 9 feet long (2.7)! This specimen was largest catch ever recorded in Thailand, and is recognized as one of the largest freshwater fish ever caught.

#10 Ginormous Grouper
This is believed to be the largest bottom fish ever caught from a kayak … a grouper that weighed more than 500 lbs (227 kg)! The huge fish was caught off the Florida coast in 2015, but it didn’t give up without a fight, as it snapped the fisherman’s rod in half. But that fisherman, Jon Black, still managed to lead the animal to shore where it was measured at 83 inches long (211 cm) with a 73-inch girth (185 cm)… and its weight was estimated at 552 pounds (237 kg). After its dimensions were taken, the grouper was required by law to be released, because the species is protected. And here’s a fun fact … the world record for a grouper caught by hook and line is a specimen that weighed 680 pounds (308 kg). It was caught in 1961 in Fernandina Beach, which also happens to be off the Florida coast. Maybe it’s something in the water there.